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    Machines Replace a Third of Workforce at Giant Copper Mine

    Aug 14, 2019About 1,700 jobs will be cut at the Chuquicamata project as operations shift to underground mining, from open pit. The switch is necessary as the state-run company aims to access higher grade ore

  • The next age of mining? Australian Mining

    Mar 21, 2014Are we entering the last age of the open cut mine? Is the end of open pit mining near? Speaking to a number of sources, the answer is clearly no,

  • Transition from open pit to underground using Mixed

    Transition from open-pit to underground using Mixed Integer Programming considering grade uncertainty J.CHUNG1* 2, E. TOPAL and O.ERTEN3 1,2,3Department of Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering Western Australia School of Mines, Australia, [email protected] *presenting author Abstract

  • Environmental Risks of Mining Massachusetts Institute of

    Underground Mining. Underground mining has the potential for tunnel collapses and land subsidence (Betournay, 2011). It involves large-scale movements of waste rock and vegetation, similar to open pit mining. Additionally, like most traditional forms of mining, underground mining can release toxic compounds into the air and water.

  • Sirovision Datamine

    Sirovision is developed in collaboration between Datamine and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Sirovision allows remote and safe capture of geological features while avoiding costly disruption to production activities.

  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of underground

    Apr 12, 2009Best Answer I am assuming you are wanting an answer that is considering the advantages / disadvantages of u/ground mining compared with open pit mining? (Let me know if this isn't the case.) Advantages Underground mining (as compared to open pit exploitation) allows a mine operation to be largely 'hidden' having only adits or headframes protruding above the surface.

  • Optimising combined open pit and underground strategic

    AbstractThis paper examines the case of a large open pit that is being planned at the site of an existing underground mine. Strategic planning work is undertaken to investigate the project value associated with an expansion of underground operations in conjunction with the proposed pit. Previous analysis by mine planners has determined that any depletion of the available open pit resource that

  • FAMUR Mining Technology

    FAMUR Group is a producer and supplier of machinery and equipment used in the mining industry all over the world. The main areas of our activity are underground and open-pit mining, transport, bulk material handling, and the power industry.

  • Open Pit To Underground Mining colettes-familyhomes

    () Open-Pit to Underground Mining − Where Is the. In the study, a method based economical block models of OP and Ug to determine the Optimum Transition Depth (OTD) from Open-Pit (OP) to Underground (Ug) mining was introduced. Underground versus Open Pit Mining Firwin Corp's Blog.

  • Open Pit to Underground Transition SRK Consulting

    SRK carried out a scoping study on an existing open pit operation (12 Mtpa) that is soon to be reaching a depth where the mine will need to transition to a large-scale underground mining method. The goal was to provide production continuity at a rate that will still be suitable to maximise use of the existing surface processing facilities.

  • Wireless solution supports underground and open-pit

    A wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto, the company is implementing a wireless solution to support both underground and open-pit mines. The solution has been developed by Mine Site Technologies


    schedule of both open pit and underground all together. Due to the complexity of the problem and its size, often the transition depth is defined by considering the open pit and the underground separately. Usually the transition depth is defined by comparing the cost of mining using open pit vs underground

  • CROSS CUTTING AREAS Optimizing Long-Term

    It considers underground and open-pit ore deposits sharing multiple downstream processing plants over a long horizon. The purpose of the model is to optimize several mines in an integrated fashion, but real size instances are hard to solve due to the combinatorial nature of the problem. We tackle this by solving the relaxation of a tight linear

  • Status Resolved

    Mining Underground mining Britannica

    In open-pit mines this consists of building access roads and stripping the overlying waste material in order to expose the ore and establish the initial bench geometries. For an underground mine the development stage is considerably more complicated. Some of the development components of an underground mine are illustrated in the figure.

  • Underground Mining Mining and Geomorphology

    Underground mining tends to have a better reputation when it comes to geomorphic impacts, compared to other mining methods, i.e. open pit mining. The truth of the matter is that more often than not, open pit mining and underground mining go hand-in-hand.


    Whilst current and future underground structures in Singapore are conceived as deep basements, shallow and deep caverns, this paper explores the underground structure as an open pit variant of up to 140m depth and 125m in diameter accommodating up to 17000 housing occupants.

  • Published in Interfaces 2010Authors Alexandra M Newman Enrique Rubio Rodrigo Caro Andres Weintraub Kelly EurekAffiliation Colorado School of Mines University of ChileAbout Underground mining Open-pit mining Scheduling Operations research

    How to Cook Pork Underground Our Everyday Life

    The traditional luau is one of many ways that pork has been cooked underground for years. When it comes to backyard party cooking, there are few things as impressive as digging up a perfectly cooked roast of pork with all the trimmings. It's just plain fun for everyone in


    Sep 04, 2014 Software specifically designed to evaluate the optimal strategy to maximize profitability in decision making, to move from a mining open pit to underground. More info at topitu Vimeo

  • Planning Considerations For Transition From Open Pit To

    Surface and underground infrastructure is often at risk as pits deepen beyond planned depths. Transition from open pit to underground mining often risks mud rushes (if mud forming minerals are present), and from sumps and surface dams. Air blasts can result from underground collapses or

  • Open Pit And Underground Mine Interaction With Phase

    The software Phase2 was used to simulate the interaction of a subsidence cave with broken material generated from an underground project lying underneath and an open pit project that is being developed in surface. Different stages were used to create a time line for the planned advance of the underground mine, and the open pit evolution. 1.

  • Open Pit Planning Datamine

    Datamine provides a full range of open pit planning applications from strategic long term optimization, pit design and reserve generation through to short term material destination and operational equipment scheduling. This integration ensures robust strategic plans are executed reliably on the ground.

  • Mine dewatering techniques SlideShare

    Nov 23, 2013Synopsis Definition of mine dewatering Open pit surface water control Open pit dewatering techniques Underground mine dewatering techniques Groundwater investigation techniques 4. Definition of Mine Dewatering Dewatering and groundwater control forms a vital part of many mining projects.

  • Transition of the Ernest Henry Mine from Open Pit to an

    The transition from open pit to a producing underground mine involved a complex extraction sequence for the first two production sublevels on RL1650 and RL1625. Underground mining during cave initiation was further complicated when south wall instability prevented completion of the final open pit shell.

  • Open pit and underground mines, quarries SIXENSE Soldata

    Managing slope stability on open pits and tailing dams is a complex process with serious consequences if something goes wrong. The older the mine site, the greater the risk which makes integrated geotechnical monitoring of paramount importance to mining companies.

  • What are the negative effects of open-cast mining? Quora

    Having been worked in an open cast(OC) metal mine for 3 years, I can give some insight on the negative effects of OC mining in India at least. The first two images show how open cast and underground mining is done. Open cast mine Underground mine

  • Digging deeper Mining methods explained Anglo American

    Open-pit, underground and underwater. These are the three main methods of mining we use at Anglo American to extract our products from the ground. In this Digging Deeper article, we take a look at these different methods and provide a glimpse into what each involves.

  • Gran Colombia Gold to switch Marmato project from open pit

    "In the current gold market, we feel it is prudent to change our approach, shifting from a large-scale, low grade open pit operation as previously conceived to a smaller-scale, higher grade underground mining operation," Serafino Iacono, executive co-chairman of Gran Colombia said in the statement.


    Nchanga Open Pit Disaster of 2001 (Silwamba and Chileshe, 2015), which resulted in the loss of ten lives. 1.1 NATURE OF THE WATER PROBLEM AT NCHANGA OPEN PIT The Nchanga Open Pit (NOP) mine was preceded by the Nchanga Underground Mine (NUG) when open pit operations commenced in 1955. At that time, the mining area was

  • Mine Closure and Reclamation Practical Examples of

    underground and open pit mining, with modern open pit mining commencing in 1985 and lasting until 1991. Before reclamation, the site consisted of the usual features of historic pits filled with tailings, open pits, waste dumps, heap leach pads and other associated mine facilities. Issues that had to be

  • Underground and Surface Mines Plante nergies

    Underground and Surface Mines . Coal was the fuel that stoked the Industrial Revolution in the 19 th century. Extracting coal from underground or open-pit mines continues to be a